Brain & Poulter are Australia’s leading campus retail masterplanners. Our long established specialist services have provided planning projects for both private and public sectors.

Brain & Poulter has developed some twenty campus masterplans and retail advice, offering substantial commercial and experiential upside.

Brain & Poulter has created a niche level of expertise in responsible retail planning specifically for campuses. Over the years, we have built a database of quality information on campuses around the region and, coupled with our expert understanding of campus retail, we have been able to readily analyse and quantify the recommendations made in our masterplans.


B&P are very much the top of the tree

“It has indeed been an absolute delight working with you over the years and I have learnt much from the opportunity.  You are a cut well above the field…I am confident in saying that in my all time in the HE sector I have never worked with a consultant group with such flair and innovation.  B&P are very much the top of the tree.”

Alan Egan, Director, Property & Facilities Division
St Lucia Campus, The University of Queensland 


An excellent piece of work

“Brain & Poulter, thanks to you and your team for an excellent piece of work which gives us lots of good ideas and plenty to think about for the next few years.  I would be happy for you to cite Griffith as a reference institution for the future”.

Colin McAndrew, Vice-President (Corporate Services)
Griffith University


Our success has been through our ability to tailor a food strategy unique to each campus through following a structured process that brings significant financial and experiential results. Some examples include:


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  • The University of Adelaide where we identified potential for more than $1M in additional food and beverage rental income.
  • ANU Exchange where we identified the sustainable number and type of food tenancies in this mixed use development saving the developers thousands of dollars.
  • James Cook University where we developed a high street retail model that attracted competitive rents and professional retail fitouts.
  • Optus Campus where we removed the cafeteria model and delivered a successful contemporary high street village retail model.
  • University of Queensland where we proved a cafe in a new building was unsustainable in its proposed form and developed a suitable alternative.
  • The University of Sydney where we developed a 3 tier retail strategy to increase variety and better cope with fluctuating demands resulting in an increase in rental income of 40%.
  • UNSW where we halved the number of outlets but doubled the turnover through developing a “hub & spoke” strategy.


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