How effective is the program? 

  • In 75% of cases, retailers who implement some or all of our recommendations stop asking for abatement.
  • In the remaining 25% of cases, retailers will fail to implement any recommendations. If this happens, then centre management has a strong documented case to dismiss rent abatement and proceed with lease removal.

One of the key reasons for this astonishing success rate is that Brain & Poulter offers a one month FREE follow up with every sales maximiser program. This extra mentoring and continuity increases the likelihood of a positive outcome dramatically.

The retailer refuses to listen to centre management.
Why would they listen to you?

All of our consultants have owned or managed award-winning food businesses.

This means we have been in the retailer’s shoes. We can see the situation from their perspective. So we are able to present our recommendations in a way that appeals to their interests.

 Click here for some of our recent success stories.

 When can you start?

It generally takes 14 days to program you into our schedule.

  • For Interstate Sales Maximisers, our consultants work overnight to produce reports. They present them the next day. This minimises travel disbursement costs to you for a return visit.
  • For Local Sales Maximisers, we present our findings and recommendations within 7 days of the start date.

We currently have six consultants in Sydney and Melbourne who are trained in the Sales Maximiser program. You can read their profiles by clicking here.