For retailers requesting rent abatement or struggling with above average occupancy costs or working to assign their lease, B&P quickly and cost effectively put in place powerful new merchandising and service tactics that catapult retail sales and inspire store owners and staff.

Our seven step Sales Maximiser program offers a combination of training, one-on-one consulting and a free one month follow-up up process. It covers the following areas:

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  1. CONCEPT: Review the retailer’s name, store design and layout and provide recommendations on how well it suits their product mix.
  2. SIGNAGE: Signage, menu and ticketing recommendations to attract more customers and attract more sales.
  3. PRODUCT advice to maximise sales at various day parts in line with their target market.
  4. PRICE points and bundling options that make it attractive for customers to buy.
  5. MERCHANDISING methods that use product positioning and cross promotion to increase sales.
  6. PRESENTATION techniques to present a professional image.
  7. CUSTOMER SERVICE and selling techniques to maximise sales and customer experience levels.


With over 800 retailers now through the program, we are so confident in our recommendations that, we offer a money back guarantee.  
Basically, if you don’t get results from implementing our recommendations, you don’t pay.  It’s as simple as that.



“Thank you for coming to see us and our tenant has written me a great email with lots of questions.  I would like to thank you for time and insight.  For me it was like a one-on-one retail academy and you have given me a lot to think about.  We look forward to working with Brain & Poulter again soon.”
Robyn Anderson, Retail Manager – Albury/Wodonga/Lavington, Vicinity Centres

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“Last week, within 24 hours of the Sales Maximiser debrief, the retailer introduced a new chicken dish that was creating $480 increase to weekly sales”.
Anna’s Casa de Pasta, Willows Shopping Centre, Townsville


Brain & Poulter offer “constructive criticism of the business delivered in a way that encourages tenants to improve their business”.  Further, what stood out about Brain & Poulter is their “detailed report and hands on approach.”
Maria Sidorenko, Property Manager, Brookfield Johnson Controls


What stood out about Brain & Poulter over other firms “is their depth of understanding in regards to the food catering business and experience with working with other Landlords…and their understanding of shopping centre operations.”
Mandy Poynton, Retail Manager, Lend Lease



Sales Maximiser is our most popular & successful program, delivered nationally within a 2 week timeframe. If you need urgent help with a struggling retailer contact us now to book them in.