Certain design factors and certain product ranges deliver far more sustainable and above average rents per square metre/foot than others.  

That’s why getting the retail mix is so important.  

In the last 5 years, we have found over AUD $6M in extra rents p.a. for our clients including almost $1M in one centre alone.

Four Ways We Achieve Results for You:

  1.  We stay up-to-the-minute with emerging food trends and changes in retailer directions worldwide.
  2. Our Retail Mix Matrix is used to develop a retail mix that works best for your development and your demographic – whatever it is to ensure you have the optimum types of cuisines customers want to eat most often.
  3. We create a market-focussed Mix Strategy based on altering usages, tenancy sizes, adjacencies and utilising menus that create higher turnovers (MAT) and, therefore, the ability to negotiate higher rents.
  4. Access to premium operators – B&P consultants have worked as peers with many of the F&B industry’s leading operators. They trust us. That’s why they will take a call from us about a new opportunity when other leasing agents calls get ignored.

Some of the typical results we have helped clients achieve:

  • The Boathouse Group taking on Shelly Beach Kiosk
  • MAT improvements at Rhodes above 20%
  • Leading restaurateurs bidding for Bennelong at Sydney Opera House
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“Having passionate food experts with strong connections and access to the widest range of food operators has seen our vision articulated in the marketplace quickly and the highest calibre of operators secured in a very short space of time.”

Chris Glastras, Sydney Airports Corporations Limited


Whether it’s an EOI, RFP, collaborative dialogue, tender or lease negotiation, B&P‘s transparent procurement systems and unique marketing tools align you with your preferred tenants quickly. 

Have a look at other clients who use our Retail Mix services and read what our Retail Mix clients say.  Find out how we can also secure you the best tenants by contacting us now to discuss your needs.