You want deals done quickly with maximum occupancy and maximum rental yields FAST.  
Achieving this in food retailing requires specialists in the food retailing space.

7 Reasons to Choose Brain & Poulter For Your Food Leasing

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Passionate about YOUR Vision

As your masterplanners, we know your vision for the food proposition and how food retailers can make that vision materialise.

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Food specialists know more than generalists

… plus, our network and database of food retailers and restaurateurs is unparalleled.

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Food retailing experience means we know what makes your tenants tick

We speak your tenants’ language and understand how food retailing works.

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Accurate rent projections and benchmarking

sourced from Australia’s largest database of current market rents and sales performance.

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Tenancy Mix Flexibility

Our know-how means that when retailers propose a variance, we can quickly amend the balance of the tenancy mix schedule to ensure your total vision and outcomes stick.

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Great continuity of vision as we partner with you from inception to operation

We never leave you with stores still unleased or fill a hole just to close a deal!

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Senior Leasing Executives Only

You work directly with the company directors of Brain & Poulter and our senior agents so you’re always working with experts.


T1 Sydney Airport forum SQUARE

The Results:

“With Brain & Poulter’s help, Sydney International Airport has just been ranked number #1 in the world for restaurant and eating facilities by IATA (International Air Transport Association) for airports handling 15-25 million passengers annually.”

Robert McFayden, Head of Airport Retailing, Sydney Airports Corporation

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