“Having worked with some of the ‘big international names’ in food service consulting previously, I have been stunned by the superior quality of work from Brain & Poulter. They look at food in such a logical yet creative way it has been invigorating for our Korean projects.”
Mr Shinsin Oh, Head of Design, Samsung Everland
  “I was sceptical as to whether a food consultant would really understand our unique requirements or just offer us ‘more of the same’, but Brain & Poulter follow a dynamic system that ensured we received strategies and recommendations that gave us a distinct point of difference.”
Nicole Fisher, Marketing Manager, Wintergarden Plaza Brisbane
  We found Brain & Poulter add timely and cost effective value enhancement to our strategic business evaluation of retail performance, especially for our major institutional and public sector clients. They are able to work flexibly in a pragmatic, commercially oriented business environment to envision and create strategic solutions – focussed on enhancing customer appeal, putting more dollars in the till, and adding real value to the bricks and mortar for owners, investors and all stakeholders.”
Ernie Kapp, Director Arms Cooper Kapp
  “Instead of duplicating the work of our tenancy coordinators and Retail Design Managers, Brain & Poulter has added further depth to our design outcomes due to their specific focus and “hands on” experience in designing operationally efficient, sales orientated food tenancies.”
Damian Surace, Retail Portfolio Manager, CFSP
  “Brain & Poulter is greatly assisting us to achieve our vision to create contemporary and innovative food courts which offer our customers quality and value.”
John Papagiannis, National Director, Westfield Leasing
  “We had never operated in a food court before we met Brain & Poulter. They helped us work with our designer to understand how important our design & layout was. They continued to assist us after opening which has been greatly appreciated.”
Annie Qian, Thai Tree
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