Masterplans for Maximum ROI

How much food is sustainable? What return on investment can it bring? And what concept for design, mix and delivery will create its unique positioning in the marketplace?

Whether it’s a shopping centre, airport, university, tourist attraction or hospital, B&P’s masterplanning process continually innovates and future proofs F&B for assets. Read more


Tenancy Mix Miracles

The right size and frontage, with the correct sightlines and adjacencies, adds up to maximum customer spending appeal. It also attracts “best in class” tenants for maximum rental yield. Read more


Fail-proof Leasing/RFP

Leasing consultants who know how to run profitable food operations ensures you attract higher quality and better educated tenants at higher rates, faster than ever. Read more


Menu Maximiser

Food offerings that sell and create harmony across all retailers. Read more


Design Maximiser

Designs that maximise sales, cut costs, offer effective risk management and that guarantee rental yield and tenant longevity.  Read More


Sales Maximiser

Get underperforming retailers off rent abatement (or off your back) by providing them with all the advice and education they need to turn their results around and maximise profitability.  Read more


Compliance Certainty

An ongoing rating system and benchmark system that ensures sheer excellence in retailing or food safety to ensure your property doesn’t make it into the press for the wrong reasons! Read more


PLUS Mesmerising Key Note Addresses

B&P Directors are highly sought after to present at conferences on food trends. They are consistently rated as the most engaging and informative speaker on the program. Book here to secure them for your next event.